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In the last 60 years, semiconductor technology has gone through an unprecedented development providing humankind with enormous computing capabilities. This has provided the basis of impressive innovations in many domains - out of which the field of machine learning is probably the most prominent one - frequently simply referred to as AI. Today, the underlying technological progress following Moore’s law is facing physical limits, which has the potential to endanger future progress. RWTH seizes this challenge as a driver for innovations. With the pre-existing expertise, it appeared natural to join forces in order to establish the NEUROTEC and NeuroSys research activities, which connect the fundamental findings on the technology side with the needs of upcoming applications.

What is neuroAIˣ?

This creation frames the domain of AI with “neuro” and some additional ingredient. While "neuro" refers to processing as it happens in neural systems, the "ˣ" alludes to innovations on the hardware side expanding beyond CMOS manufacturing technologies. Putting this together, we envision a convergence between distinct disciplines that mutually assimilate each other’s methods leading to innovations that help to solve key challenges of humankind. "neuroAIˣ" thus integrates the triad of Neuromorphic Computing, Machine Learning and Neuroscience which need to stimulate each other to realize disruptive innovations in Hard-, Soft- and Wetware. Together, these domains span a wide space for exploration – a tilled field ready to sprout innovations. Join us to set the basis of fruitful partnerships riding this dynamic development. In a stimulating environment at the research campus your ideas ripen faster, supportive eco-systems are created, and business opportunities are uncovered within the wide fields of leading-edge research. 



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